Purple tips shrivling up plants

Hi there. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? I think it might be the pH but I do not have a pH meter or access to one. Thanks!

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You’ll really want to get a ph meter even a 10$ cheap digital meter is better then none
Are you feeding them ? What type of soil you in ?

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Were those plant cloned from a plant that was in flower? When a plant reveg’s The leaves can look very strange.
I have had plants turn colors when the pH drifted out of the optimal range. You should follow @Countryboyjvd1971 advise and get a cheap pH and PPM/TDS meter. Think I picked up my pair on amazon for ~$25


I would if you have a few extra dollars get a good PH pen, some of the cheap ones are not worth the weight of the plastic they are made from.

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What is your light schedule @joncahan ?



I have never used these but others on the forum have and seem to like them, hope this helps somewhat

It’s worth spend a few $ if you can on a decent ph meter but as I mentioned earlier inexpensive is better then none
Say away from drops or dual probe style meters they just don’t work well

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Totally agree I picked up a cheap 9ne for my grow and after that the plants blew up.

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