Purple Punch stunted leaves

From a fellow grower: Purple punch are deformed with abnormal leaf structure and are stunted and not growing. Rockwool cubes with a seedling mat and the dome with just plain ph water until they pop then throw the cubes into pro mix with fabric pots and continue to water with just ph water until that are at least 6 inches tall then I feed with fish poop and worm castings and Gia green all purpose 4-4-4

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Medium looks overly wet?? Also some leaf variegation which is common :love_you_gesture:


I see 3 possible problems:

Grow medium is too wet. Leads to rooting problems.

Plant is overfed - dark green leaves.

pH is probably too low. Are you pH adjusting your feedings? Deformed leaves are often a sign of pH problems.

As an aside: 4-4-4 is not really a cannabis fertilizer. Most good cannabis fertilizers are around 20-10-20.


Soil seems pretty hot. Very very dark green. Looks like my pepper plants. Just me.


Good Morning :smiley:. I have to agree with @MidwestGuy. Soil looks very wet. :blush::v:

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What he said aka Midwest. :point_up::point_up: