Purple Kush seedling issues

From a fellow grower: On May 10 I planted two seeds, and on May 11 another two seeds.

Neither of the May 10 seeds have “shown” and today - May 16, the second two seeds finally broke the surface, but…all there is is a small stalk with a small white “ball” / no green!

Strain: Purple Kush
Type: gem/auto
Medium: soil - see photo
Climate: outdoor
Nutrient: none
Temperature: day 60s - night pots were stored inside


The white ball is the baby leaves they just haven’t split open yet be sure they re not in full noon light yet and give their base 3 sprays twice a day

Perhaps you planted some seeds too deep. Who knows? I would advise you to buy 1.6" rockwool cubes to start your seeds. Will be glad to show you how. :slight_smile: