Pumice Grow Part Two

Beans popped: 18

Medium: Pumice, Peat Moss and Vermiculite

7 lbs. Fabric Pots

(Note: When plants were transplanted into pots the top of the medium had compost/soil/wood chip mix.)

There were two plants that had already been harvested but showed signs of a perpetual grow

Those two same plants later began to show signs of a manganese deficiency. Since the plants were older they required fertilizer with a ppm of 3100 with additional micronutrients. They perked up quite well.

All other plants have a ppm of 750. They are nearing two months in five days. I may allow them to veg for two more weeks. Three to four of these plants are acting funky. Take a look.

All are topped except four. They were showing signs of deficiency, but are now showing signs of healthy growth.

Pumice has been a game changer for me. I water the plants less; The plant roots are healthier; I can monitor the roots; Pumice gives plants more than enough oxygen to grow and breathe; Pumice protects the plants from gnats and the surrounding stem near the root has a bunch of diatomaceous earth.

The companion plants are borage, tansys, purple tansys, rue and goats rue. They help with pest control and pest repellent as do the spiders in the greenhouse.

Thanks for reading.

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I forgot to mention All beans are from ILGM and I had to add two and a half oz of dolomitic lime to each pot to bring media to 5.8 to 6.2 pH.

I think you feel they are acting funky because of low light intensity. Plants that tall should have multiple secondary branching and bud sites.

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That is correct. Four of them haven’t branched out laterally. I’ll give them two more weeks. They are showing signs of doing so.