PSA for dehumidifier users!

Hey all, I’ve talked many times here about tackling humidity issues, and how I started with a 70 pint a day unit, eventually had to get a 95 pint a day, and the following year I put in a big mini-split A/C-heater-dehumidifier.
I feel so damn stupid because each time I started losing the fight against humidity I always thought it was because I expanded my growing area and added more plants. I’m sure that was a part of it, but there was some other foul play at work as well. I was always diligent with cleaning the filters in my dehumidifiers every couple of days because they run constantly and I have a lot of cat hair in my place, but I NEVER thought to take them apart and clean the coils before.

Check this out! I’ve seen bad, but not like this. I feel lucky it didn’t start a fire!
So if you use a dehumidifier, and especially if you have pets, I suggest taking a peek inside and see if it could use a cleaning.
For the record, it’s been about 2 hours, and the little 70 pint a day is keeping up in there. That hasn’t been the case in a long time. I’m definitely going to save a few bucks on electricity going forward!


That’s just nasty

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Yeah, I can’t disagree, lol. Definitely the worst I’ve ever seen!

Here’s an update. Just finished cleaning the 95 pint a day unit. Wasn’t quite as bad as the 70, but definitely still in pretty desperate need of a good breath of fresh air, lol.

Kind of want to take a shower after looking at that picture

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Lol, an admin can change your user name to cleandave if you want!!!

I’m checking all my stuff right now I m far from a clean Dave LOL

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Well, I know what I’m about to go do.

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I still can’t believe it never occurred to me to check them before today. I’m a pretty mechanical dude, definitely supposed to be better than that, lol.