Pruning in flower?

not a typo? :joy: 43 as in forty-three right, I had to repeat it back spelled out cuz that’s unreal.
Congrats also and your buds look dense.


I’ve got 17 seedlings, 12 plants in veg, and 13 in flower. They’re mostly regular seeds, I had to chop 2 males yesterday.


Love the stalk in the pic. Mine twisted the same way on Black Widow

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You are gonna be one busy growmie!

I can’y imagine come trim time.

I’d lose what’s left of my mind.

Looking great by the way… Nice to see such a good yield coming.

Plenty of room for more

Space is filling up. First 9 are in their half of the 4x8. Next round is coming to fill the other half with 9. I’m going to swap what’s there now into my veg tent.


Love this, ty for posting