Pruning Burnt leaves

The plants that were flushed and making a comeback because of too much nitrogen still have a few burnt leaves. I was thinking of cutting them all off. Additionally I went from 400 watt to 600 watt, because my ballest went out and they do not make them anymore. My grow room is in the garage, it will get to 42 with no heat, thus I have a heater. with grow light on it gets to 78-80 degrees. I cut it off after 12 hours and turn on the heater. thats the situation. any suggestions? PS I have a fan but it will get cooler.

I would make sure that I ran my lamp “On” during the coldest hours of the day. Having your dark period during the warmest part of the day result in the minimum temperature variance.

As for dealing with the existing burnt leaves. The rule of thumb is: Leave the leaf on the plant, until it is between approximately 60-70% damaged. Just pluck them. Should be easy to snap off at the node.