Proud father of adopted triplets! - Hawaiian Snow clones. First grow

Getting into my first grow - and thought I’d share! Not sure of the exact age as they are adopted from a friend. I had them in a cloning tent for about two weeks before transplanting into 5 gallon pots. The tent is 4’ x 4’x 7’. Unfortunately they are still under the cloning light (damn Covid 19 and freight delays) a week so far and looking like another weeks before the 400W MH/ 600W HPS gets through customs.
All three girls are looking happy at 8", 9" & 8" tall. Clones were grown in coir and I’m growing in soil (Canna-soil Pro), careful watering (2 days pH balanced water/ 016 liquid oxygen - 1 day pH water and weak Canna-Vega solution. Conditions fairly constant at 53 - 60% humidity and 22 - 27C under lights. Relying on natural vent through spigots at the moment - not ideal, but that will get sorted with the lighting.
If all goes to plan here it will be Snowing in summer!!!

I have to say that the amount of information available here is fu%$*ng awesome. I feel like I am learning from the best.