Proper % of dried cannabis

Hi there anyone know what the proper percent of moisture in dried cannabis should be ?

I go by humidity I like my bud at around 62% humidity I think that works best. For storage I dry and cure and drop bovedas at that point some like closer to. 58% for joints but that’s the general range for me


Yep like stated below 58 to 62% dryer it is the faster the burn too but if u extract or press im seeing 62 or close to is good for that. I press and extract most all my stuff i only do dabs. Ill smoke flower from time to time or just a hit or 2 for taste to see how it is but the taste of dabs are much cleaner taste can taste all the flavors of the weed as long as u dont over heat it while pressing. Good luck


Actual % of moisture should be between 10/12% as measured with a moisture meter.


Thanks @Audiofreak !

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