Promix organic vegetable and herb

Im using Promix organic vegetable and herb for my seedlings. Im curious, would this be sufficient soil to use through to harvest? My initial plan, based on advice from a friend, was to switch to FFOF when i transplant to the final 5gallon fabric pot. But, I’ve got so much promix left it would be a shame not to use it up.

You should be good to use throughout the grow. Definitely will need nutes and I’d add about 20% perlite to help with airflow to the roots.

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Have a whole bag of perlite. Mixed to about 30% with the promix in the small beginner pots im using. Also picked up nutrients yesterday. Went with Root Farm due to price and availability.

You should be all good then brother. It’s a pretty good medium. I use it on my farm for everything.

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Good to hear! Thank you!