Promix hp ? For the first time

So for xmas i was given so promix hp and advanced nutrients ph perfect micro grow and bloom. Now i have never grown anything in promix i have only used fox farm soils it is not the promix that i am really worried about it is the advanced ph perfect that has me concerned. I saw on there site that you need to use RO water which i can not get nor do i want to buy a system just to make RO water and was wondering if i could just use store bought spring water and should i ph it to what i would in soil since it is really not hydroponics


If you’re going to buy water you can get those 5 gallon refillable jugs and fill them at the machine that’s on the front wall at most Walmarts. I think it says Primo. It’s RO water. If you’re going to continue growing the cost of refilling those jugs will add up to the price of a cheap RO system pretty quickly. The RO Buddy is about $60 (under $40 for replacement filters). You just hook it to your faucet, no plumbing. Looked it up and it’s avg $0.50/gallon for Primo water. A few gallons a day will add up.

Spring water has calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc in it. That mineral content effects it’s pH. It would have the same effect as using tap water with pH perfect nutes. At least that’s what AN would say. You could use those nutes with tap water if you’re tap water is good quality. Whatever water you end up using I’d get a pH meter and pH up or down to adjust your nutrient solution anyway. I wouldn’t trust the nutrient solution to be the proper pH without adjustment. There are many examples of the pH being not so perfect in growing forums.


Thank you


I use ProMix and Advanced Nutrients ph perfect micro grow and bloom, and several other juices of theirs. You’re fine using tap water if your water is good, as @Outlaw said. That’s all I use, but let it sit for 24 hours to dechlorinate before mixing the stuff in.

I like the fact that I am in control of what my plant gets, not a soil company that has had some inconsistent batches.

Well said friend, this is what I have been doing for quite some time. We can’t afford a good RO system and that RO water from Walmart always tests around 25ppm and ph of 6.5-7. And less than 30 cents a gallon. That’s about $1.50 for 5 gallons of RO. I purchase 50 gallons at a time with all 10 of my jugs labeled; Water Only, Veg Only, and Flower Only lmao!!

Get Growin!!!

I did not know that the water you can fill up was RO water i thought it was just regular drinking water

@Spudgunner @Outlaw please confirm what PH is appropriate for Promix . I have only used Promix HP w/ mycorrhizae once and treated it as hydro and ph’d to 5.8 - 5.9

With Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect line, whatever it comes out as! I don’t check pH or TDS yet, but just got a meter for Xmas. I’m gonna calibrate it today before I mix up a new batch for my ladies, but in a year and a half of using both, never tested once and never had too many issues.
When they go into flower, I think AN has a higher Nitrogen value and my plants stayed green throughout, never got the fade unless I starved them which I did once on a run I didn’t care about.

I’ve never used it. @Myfriendis410 grows in Promix HP. He’ll definitely be able to tell us the proper pH for inflow.

I run everything at 6.0 PH. Promix HP is airier than coco and holds less moisture IMO. It behaves like coco otherwise except it does not tend to sequester Calcium salts. Other than it being way more expensive it is also a non-renewable resource so factor that in as well.


I’m new :man_shrugging:. Only have a couple runs under me. Ive only been growing autos, no reason just have.
I use my well water here in mid Michigan. It’s 110’ deep, it’s so frickin hard. I don’t have a tds thingy ma jig…my guess is it’s extremely high, granted I have no coue what high even is. At least I’m honest . (my water will turn white clothes a rust color if you don’t add “Rust Out” in the laundry. I love my water though.
Oh is nice right around 7.1-7.2ph. I’ve not had to ph, dechlorinat yes. My plants love. I use Promix HP, EWC, little Perlite with Down to Earth Organic dry fertilizer. Easy easy easy.

MY QUESTION…sorry, short story long…if I want to run a side by side comparison of liquid fertilizer (3 part AN pH perfect stuff) vs the dry fertilizer. Do I have to use different water for each???
If anyone has a really simple “do this for dry ferts, do this for the AN Fertilizer”.
Thank you all…Merry Christmas!!! (political correctness can kiss my butt).

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I tried liquid ferts and i ended up chunking them. With dry amendments its just throw and go…

I just threw 3 plants away after 23 days of using Advanced nutrients 3 part. Back to Dr Earth we go.