Progress pics holy grow

Waiting patiently for warmer weather here, but daylight hours have been good to go for couple weeks now. Daytime high around 60 tomorrow but better days to come.
Here is a peek at some of my girls. They are 62 days from seed


You can’t just throw out those pics without details!

Strains? Organic or Synthetic?

They look good. What state are you in, if you don’t mind me asking?


Looks good!

I’m in ontario Canada :canada:

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Very pretty girls

Oops :relaxed: The first pic is chocolope, the second is blue dream the third bakerstreet and the final pic is Bruce banner.
Started seeds April 1 and am now in organic super soil in 15 gallon containers. I am in Ontario Canada and the weather has been very cool and wet so far this season.
In the green house are 3 chocolope…2 in ground and 1 in 15 gallon grow bag, one blue dream and one Bruce banner. Outdoors are one blue Dream in 15 gallon grow bag, 2 bakerstreet in the ground and one California orange in ground. All my girls in ground had a 3x3 hole with organic super soil in bottom and organic promix on top. Bags were filled the same way. I made my own supersoil with sub cools recipe online :grimacing:
Put up greenhouse in hopes of buying enough time to finish chocolope properly.