Probs 2 weeks left. Any advice from long timers?

Obviously looking to maximize yield and quality. Second grow first time with photos. ILGM Blue Dream. Veged for 12 w

eks while I grew some autos, then flowered a little over 4 weeks ago.


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How long have they been in flower?

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Put a nail through the trunk, at the base.

I know sounds insane…research thus technique… makes resin fill the buds…tested last season and it works… sounds crazy but test it out… I’m going to do again this year… guess I should start a thread…


Those plants have way more than two weeks left unless I’m missing something.


Agreed with @plumbdand way of yet this is a 7 weeks flowering blueberry auto

Started flower on 7/20

I will check it out. I tried a topping technique recommended on another site that was recommended in another thread on this site that sounded insane also and it really worked. Thanks

I will post some more pics and some closer up of the flowers later this morning. Thanks

I am actually hoping that they have a while to go as i would really like to see more production. I am a greedy f***. Thanks all

They still have 4+ weeks to go if you are only 4 weeks in. They haven’t even started to bulk yet so you have lots of time


You have at least 3-4 weeks.

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Are you sure your dates / time period are right.
Flip day 55 - May 23

Day 83 - June 20. 28 days since flip (discoloration because I have light on)

Even with topping I would expect them to be a lot bigger if they vegged for 12 weeks.
These plants were harvested on grow day 139. 84th day on 12/12 - that’s twelve weeks

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i abuse the crap out of my outdoor ladies… like insane , and it does work…


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Those look great!!! I am sure on the dates.

New pics from today. If I have 3 or 4 weeks left should I hit em with anything for the home stretch.

I’m in a 5x5 and would estimate that the plants are 28" tall from the top of the soil. I was using string trellis while in veg to try to level the canopy and then I have been cropping brutally to keep it as level as possible and because these girls seem to like it a little rough:)

Are there any lighting variations that might be helpful? or just stick to 12 and 12?

What material should the nail be? and is it too late to try this?