Problems with my plants

question from a fellow grower:
My plants have stopped growing and I have what look to be tassels
where there should be new leaves. I am at a total loss of how to
proceed. I know you are busy and probably don’t have time to reply to
all that is sent to you but Any help you could provide would be greatly

I am using T5 lights on a 24 Cycle. No bugs that I can see. Live in Colorado.**

looks like a case of either root rot or nute burn, almost looks to me like they have hermied.
Your temp swing is of huge concern too 66 to 82 is crazy swing too cold the humidity as well is far too low.
from this picture I am seeing drooping leaves yellowing necrosis and curling your plants are in bad shock.

What you need to do is get control of their environment keep temp between 68-78 humidity 40-60% water only when needed with ph’d water 6-6.5 do more home work. Not trying to sound like a douche but if those plants recover would be surprised if they didn’t go male or herm on you.
You are mother nature in your grow room and from what I am seeing you aren’t sure if it is summer or winter? Happy plants get a 10 degree swing from night to day enough moisture in the air they don’t think they are in a desert.

I see several issues also , and it could of started in veg into transition to flower , but definitely you have a few issues going on in the photo . Your best options is to fill out a support ticket and get the pros involved if you desire any luck at all . Macgyverstoner and Latewood I’d your only help at this point .