Problem with leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

What do I do when the leaves get this way??

Looks like nutrient burn or dumb what are u feeding it

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Or something*

The plant needs the energy supplied by the leaves, burned as they are. If you see green, they are still working. That dead area on the third set of leaves, watch that, you may want to trim it and the green tips off if they don’t grow much.

The new growth looks okay, lightly burned…eventually, the plant will have enough new growth that these leaves won’t be so important. Try and wait till then to prune them, or just let them fall off naturally.

The leaves are a visual history of the plants growth, the good and bad.

Well I have it in miracle gro smh. I know I know! Bad nutrients but I keep it under a agrobrite 160w fluorescent light and I have it on the 18/6 cycle but I need as much advice as possible bc I am a first time grower

this is how she looks now

This is her right now!!

When it’s time to move her to a larger pot, get some perlite to mix with the miracle grow for better drainage.

The plant looks good, the leaf burn is history.

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This is weak 4 so when should I make the transition?

This is weak 4 so when should I make the transition

Prepare some soil and transplant. You have fast growth now…what size container is it in?

What do you water with? Tap water? Well water? Do you test the water for pH? The plant grows better in the right pH soil, grows poorly or dies in the wrong stuff.

do you have any knowledge on bonsai cannabis growing?

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How exactly would I repot the plant?

Which week would I start this process?

What’s the benefits of watering from the bottom?