Problem Requiring Some Help

Hello all.
I’m attaching some pics below. I’ve got 3 girls growing. 2 to left are Pineapple Haze and to the right a White Widow.
As you can see, the girl in the middle has a lighter color of green? The medium is Happy Frog, brown bag, mixed with some compost with chicken manure. The others are growing in Miracle Grow potting soil with fertilizer.
Any advise on what may be wrong, if anything, with the middle girl?

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The MG girls look to be extremely happy. The ‘natural and organic’ one isnt happy at all…

This is sooo reverse what i preach. But proof. MG works just fine :joy:.

Are they all the same strain? And tbh. She looks hungry.

Also could the middle plant be receiving more water some way?

I thought she needed some nutrients as well but wanted some other opinions.
She’s getting same amount of water as others?

No problem. Nice plants btw. Same strain tho? Or bagseeds?

Seeds came from ILGM. 2 Pineapple Haze on left and white widow. Girl with issue is PH.

Ahh picky plant. (Most) Purple strains are usually finicky in my opinion. They fuss over environments and nutrients. Easy as heck to upset