Problem is by getting medical marijuana in NO aloud state

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My need is for medical purpose in to the Parkinson patient on her 27th year. She do have licence to hold on small amount on legally. My problem is by getting medical marijuana in NO aloud state.
Friend of my returned from FL in last week and gave me view " joints "as a gift.
She is 70 yr.old, has never smoked at anything and my try with her did not make any good.

My question is, if I do start my garden, how is possible to make my own medical bottle of it, so I would be able to serve it in the food etc. ??


There are many different ways to consume cannabis other than smoking. Tons of recipes on edibles and you could also make tinctures all here on this forum.


rick simpson oil, is also good


Once you have your buds preparing various extracts is pretty easy. The simplest is probably an alcohol extract. You’d heat your bud in the oven at 240F for 40 minutes to release the THC. Then soak it in high proof alcohol for a week and up to a year.

There are many other ways to do it but that basic process will get you started.