Problem identification help please

Hello all,
I’m new here so go easy on me. I’ve been trying to grow my own plants as a bit of a hobby, I wanted to keep it as basic as possible, and don’t have the option of outdoor growth.

Very quick background, I have a grow tent (24x24x55") with a grow light (1200W model with 230W actual power, 120PCS LED), an exhaust fan at the top and an oscillating fan down the bottom (usually aimed quite low, I was afraid of the soil retaining too much moisture and getting mouldy).

I’ve had one round of plants that went ok, but a bit sick looking towards the end, and now my new plants are doing the same but seemingly earlier in the process (images below). In the interest of simplicity I wasn’t using any nutrients (I’m not hugely bothered by maximum yield at this point), just sticking to a light schedule (18/6) and standard watering. Not sure of strain because where I am it’s just take what you can get haha.

After seeing the issues with my plants currently I’ve tried a few things but I’m in need of some help determining the exact problem. I’ve had issues with fungus gnats with my other plants and thought this may be the issue, so I’ve done some neem oil soil drenches (after these issues started), and while the gnats appear to have gone, it hasn’t fixed the plants. I then thought perhaps nutrient issues, so I bought some basic flower nutrients just for a small boost (again I know this is a complicated topic but I was hoping to keep things simple initially). I’ve tested the water PH and it’s a little high but I’m not sure if it would have this sort of impact, possibly worsening over time?

My current thought is that they may have outgrown their pots (the largest is in a cloth pot, 9.5inch diameter, 8.5inches tall), or the nutrients/PH are causing real issues.

I haven’t been able to identify because some leaves appear healthier (with no apparent correlation between their newness and the damage), but others get discoloured, sometimes droopy and thin, then yellow, then crispy and brown and curl up. Other thoughts are light burn and wind burn but these don’t seem consistent with where the lights or fan are.

Photos below for reference, thanks in advance for any advice.


You need to use nutrients and balance the water PH to avoid nutrient lock out. Unless you are using a living super soil you will need to add nutrients. What do you mean a little high on PH? Certain nutrients require specific ranges.

Whet is the soil you are growing in?
Water PH
Soil run off ph?
Auto flower or photo period?

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The soil is just basic potting soil I’m afraid, I was starting at a point of no knowledge and figured I’d start basic.

Water PH is around a 7, runoff looks about 5.5-6.

Unsure about the auto flowering/photo period but I assume the latter (I have no information about strain or type).

And here’s the breakdown of the nutrients I have but have only used sparingly (didn’t want to be adding too much of it wasn’t the problem).

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1st appearance is she’s hungry and if that run off PH is correct it’s really low for soil. Your soil seems to be struggling buffering and holding PH in the 6.5 range. What’s the PH and PPMs of your nutrient solution after mixing :love_you_gesture:


Mixture PH looks to be around 4, not sure how to know the PPM :sweat_smile: that pink chart in the previous post is all I have regarding that

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Are you adjusting the PH to 6.5? PPMs are measured using a TDS meter. Total dissolved solids of the nutrients solution is measured in parts per million and varies through the growth stage. A good PH and TDS pen are critical for a successful grow, without these 2 it’s a crap shoot on knowing how much to feed and what PH. I have an Apera 20 PH pen and a Blue Lab TDS pen and would be lost without these 2 :love_you_gesture:


Nope I haven’t been adjusting :sweat_smile:

Should I be doing that to the nutrient mix, the normal water, or both? Didn’t realise how important it was in the whole process.

Thanks heaps, I will need to get one of those TDS meters evidently.


Yes adjust PH after all nutrients are mixed. I use PH up or down when I need to do this. If you’re looking for a great nutrient line, I recommend Jacks 321. After mixing my PH comes out to 5.8 every time and great for coco, my water source is 7.1 and tap. Soil likes a wet to dry cycle and PH of 6.5. The size of your pot generally determines the frequency :love_you_gesture:



“Ph Up” and Ph Down" will be your friends.

6.5 is the target +/- 0.1


Also can use baking soda for PH up and lemon juice for PH down

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Welcome to the community ! :v: also filling out the support ticket will help with the history of the plant.


Where did you get the seeds?

Another company. First and last time.

Next grow ILGM order #2541816.

what company?
On the Soil most people use happy frog, promix or build a soil.
Auto flowers and Feminized are best for beginners. Regular seeds you have to worry about makes which is just another layer when learning the basics…

Thanks for all the help! Very much appreciated.

I’ll have to have a look for similar products or those ones stocked here, I’m not in the US so most of the ones I’d seen suggested or that are specialised for this aren’t sold here.

I was initially given a seedling and have been cloning since (another steep learning curve), I’ve made about 6 clones total but at different times (I have no need for that many at once).

As much as I would love to buy seeds from this site that’s unfortunately not an option given where I am :cry:

Before I forget - I’ve ordered a TDS meter too - what should I be aiming for on that side of things?

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Each nutrient line will have the recommended dose by growth stage. What’s the age of the plants? Looking at yours I would be feeding at around 900-1100 PPMs. Feed to liberal run off and test the PH and PPMs. This will let you know how much to feed or water on the next round. Soil generally follows feed, water, feed routine but can be back to back on those :love_you_gesture: