Preventing fungas gnats

Can i add mosquito bits to soil that is cooking

Yes, and you definitely should… i just went thru this 2 months ago. I finally have them under control now.


Even sprinkle D E on the top of the soil. Good to be preventative

Not cooking yet. Waiting on earth dust. What is de

Im fighting them too. Im using mosquito bits soaked in a few gallons of water for 6 hours, shaking every hour or so. After i treat with that, ill use DE as a topper. Im also pretreating my soil in the next three pots with a 1 to 4 hydrogen peroxide solution.

Hellraiser…jeez his name is coming up a lot lately… taught me to soak a capful of bits in a gallon of warm water and let it soak for maybe 30 minutes. Then use that to water. I havnt had a gnat problem since


DE is shorthand for diatomaceous earth. It’s basically tiny shards that slice up pests that land on it or try to emerge from the soil and climb through it. Make sure you get food grade if you decide to try it.

I tried mosquito bits not long ago. I applied them on top of the coco and let them soak in nutrient water before feedings. It never got rid of all those bloody gnats but I saw a big reduction in their numbers.

I saw something online that looked interesting. I think it was called Katchy. Its a device with a sticky trap on the bottom of a container. It has a weak uv light to attract gnats and a fan to pull them in. I’m thinking of using it next time the gnats invade.


He was a truly valuable member of this community. He’s deeply missed every day, I think. :v:

I’ve started leaving a mosquito dunk in my autopot reservoir. They last ~30 days and keep the gnats from being able to take over again :sunglasses:


Good idea. For sure he’s missed!

Peroxide will kill off the beneficial microbes in your soil. If you do this, be sure to follow it with a microbe product like Urb or Recharge after the soil has dried back out.

Be sure to give the soil wet/dry cycles. Fungus gnats are often a symptom of soil that is kept wet.