Preserving your crop

How about preserving your crop? How do you dry? Do use jars? I could use some tips.

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1st dry fresh weed in frigde. 5-7 days the trim and then do trimming in trim bim, then put in glass jars , burp each day air out. After a month or two its good to smoke



Day 1 - 5 Temp 70°F 55 -60 RH
Day 5 + Temp 60 to 65 50 -55 RH

The slower the better.

As far as curing i use grove bags. Once drying is done, i just throw the buds in a grove bag, put it somewhere dark and cool and forget about it.


I had a bit of a panic last week when I looked my larger plant and saw some tell tale signs of mould setting in. Small yellowing leaves that had a kind sicly tinge to them.
It turned out I had small damage from small spiders that hest inside the buds and cause localized mould infections… Easy to clean up and that plant has dried out well.

Do you bag them and ferigerate them or do you hang the buds inside a refigerator?

Forum search using HANG & Cure parameters for search.
Happy reading and good cure.

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That’s an interesting read. I’m just finishing harvesting my last plant and have had no mildew or mould problems this year but that process could be crop saver some years…

You don’t need anything more than peroxide and water to do a complete bud wash.

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Sounds great, espexcilly for mildew

A loose/nontight bud

Let us know how it smokes in 3 months, after the cure.
Good growing to you.

Thanks Dave Will report back then. Also, my first harvested in late July /beginning of august should be ready for proper tasting in about 6 weeks. I got 2 Pineapple Express autoflower seeds, one male and the other female (pictured). I harvested the pollen from the male and managed to get seeds from the female plus another one of my regular grow variety.
First sampling has it giving a good buzz.

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A worth task, accomplished with fun results.
Good Job!

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