Preparing for flower, 3 more weeks of veg

I havent posted anythig in awhile, im having problems with mites in my soil and i just started flowering these plants any tips to gettig rid of them before the buds come?


Gnat nix worked for me. I tried food grade DE too and cut up potatoes but the Gnat nix worked the best for me.


I had good luck with food grade de and yellow sticky traps. In the past I used something called SNS 209. You can find it on Amazon. Read the directions before use but it’s a systemic application. The plant drinks it up and when the bugs go to bite it they don’t like it haha good luck. Let us know what works for you. Have a nice day.

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Diatomaceous earth is great. You can also “baste” your vegging plant with a 10-25% rubbing alcohol solution which will kill the eggs on/under the leaves/stems, w/o at all harming your plants; do this a few times a week until you don’t see any new eggs.

I did this on some small seedlings, about 2-3 weeks old, and it didn’t harm them, at all.


Thank yall for the info, i will try a few of these remedies and post an update in a couple of weeks i appreciate it!