Preparation to pop beans

Ok so her goes guys checklist for next run to go along side dwarfs as they due to finish :rofl::rofl:

  1. 150w draw full spectrum light…(plenty for my space.

  2. pH pen

  3. 2.5ft by 2.5ft by 5.8ft black out grow tent

  4. six inch fans to circulate air.

  5. 50lbag of coco… Going this route rather than soil.

  6. all Canna coco nutes including rhizotonic pk13/14 booster and part a and b feed.

  7. 2 Mexican airlines autos can’t share link due to forum policies.

8 if temp or humidity issues j have my friends infinity 6 I can borrow.

Guys lemme know if I’ve forgot anything that’s crucial
6) 4x 11litre pots


Good start. Exhaust fan is important for air exchange to keep the CO2 levels up.


Yes so I’ll grab the ventilation system from him when in Thursday it has all the ducting etc


And I have access to 5litre of each cann nuterient needed I can’t wait guys

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When popping seeds in the cooler season, a warm environment is worth its weight in gold. So something to keep them nice and toasty would be worth the investment. Or a nice cable box if you wanna save cash


Thanks purp I have a lovely little dark drow just below my cable box :rofl::rofl: