Preparation for making cannabutter

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Do I have to clean out all the seeds before making cannabutter? Or can I just grind it up seeds and all and then decarboxilate without any bad taste? I gave a bag to a guy who was in pain after surgery. He couldn’t wait to clean the seeds out and ground it all up, rolled a joint and said it tasted bad and he complained about getting a headache. I have a friend with cancer, and the last batch I made helped him a lot. I want to make more, but to get an ounce of tops to use is a daunting possibility when considering all the cleaning required to remove all the seeds!

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@ILGM.Zoe they should join the forum. Personally id take the seeds out as they dpnt add anything but substance. The other option is to get buds without seeds. The other option is to grow your own meds from feminized seeds from ILGM!


Thanks for the info.

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Joining us here in forum would be best option but
You can do a search on edibles on here
there are many recipes ranging from butter to coconut oils
candies to cookies yummy yummy
Sorry to here about your friends condition

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