Premixed Amended - Super Soil and Auto's?

Could use some feedback/advice on heavily amended soil like Coast of Maine for Auto’s. I have been using FFOF with pretty good results but always eager to add another variable put this into the mix. I ran it straight with just some clay pellets as I had previously. It clearly runs a little hotter and I’m not sure they love it. It also seems to hold water a little more. I ran them direct from root cubes into this mix which I’m also thinking was a mistake. They are looking ok but think I may have lost some ground. I’m attempting to edge towards more organic and if any of you experienced growers think I’m going in the right direction or otherwise I would love the feedback.

Hi. Not sure if we have met or not. But welcome to ILGM!

Ok on amended soils. They are perfectly fine for autos. Many thrive in it. But some genetics are just more fickle then others. Some hungry eaters, some are picky. Some like rangy pH, some 6.7 exactly. But as to soils. FFOF is well amended as u stated but super soils are even heavier.

How I (and quite a few others) set up soil in a pot is as follows. Bottom 1/3 is ALWAYS ur hottest soil. 100% super soil. The middle 1/3 youd want to use a mixture of the super and ffof (if u still have it. Any good soil works). And the top is usually 75% well aerated potting soil/25% super soil or ffof.

The logic being. When they are you g and sensitive the hot soils can fry your girls. I dont typically feed for the first 2-3 weeks. They have cotyledons (small round leaves) which typically can feed a seedling as long. By then they have stronger roots (and longer) that can reach further down to better nutes. As the plant continues to mature the roots stretch further down. Normally you can tell the DAY they hit that bottom third. U either get burned tips (the good kinda nute burn) or they absolutely EXPLODE in growth.

Follow me?


Precisely what I was looking for thank you @PurpNGold74.

De nada my friend. Happy growing

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