Preflight check list, preparing my first launch into growing with Space Cake!

Ha ha… bad puns aside, I am here to check to make sure I have everything set up right for my first grow. It is also worth mentioning that I have done this all with the specific intent of growing Space Cake by Bodhi Seeds. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

More info on the strain can be found here!

The setup is as follows:

2’x4’ gorilla grow tent.

X2 500w Cree Cob led lights w/ timer.

6” inline duct fan w/ temp and humidity control. (With filter.) T6 cloud line

1 air circulation fan.-hurricane


5 gallon Cloth grow pots.

1 gallon Cali hot soil on the bottom of the pot.

3 gallons of fox farm ocean forest on top.

Rapid rooter seed plugs.


First off welcome to the website and to our growing community. Pun intended. Looks like you got the gear set to go. Set to follow your grow. Feel free to follow mine if you wish.


Looks good , you can take the filter out until flower when it really starting to get smelly , looks good , you know what nutes ? Hydro or soil coco ?


Sure! As soon as I learn how to do that… lol just signed up to the forum and am learning it still.

Soil, FF ocean on top with some Cali hot super soil on the bottom.

Now it’s the trial and error , it’s time don’t get discouraged, it’s great to start with soil the you can move to the more complex , I was wondering why was so tall you got the extension for your tent


No question is a stupid one. Unless you don’t ask. If you want help use @Valiumz or @Hellraiser, use the @ and it will pop up a list of names. Tons of super helpful and experienced growers who can guide you. Best of luck with the journey.


Thank you, can’t wait to make new Buds!

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I would recommend to start with the simple general hydroponics line since it’s simple a lot of people love it and it’s well proven by great growers


I liked the extra height to accommodate the fan and filter. It’s skinny to begin with so I wanted to maximize what grow space I had with the height.

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Nice, that’s the 2x4 right I have the same with out extensions, did you pop your seeds already ?

Nope not yet. That’s the next step

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I have 3 in a ziplock with a napkin I put them in last night one already popped, the Gorilla Glue , waiting for the blue dream and a random seed from a G I found

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We can try to run them together and check how they do I’m new into growing as well and have a pretty similar set up

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