Pre harvest advice

Do you see bud rot in this frame?


I don’t see any. Did you try to break the bud open?

is it on the other side?

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Nope. Looks good to me.

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Hi there. just snip her open if you suspect. If not. then it is a yippy day.


No bud rot

I see pet(?)hair (white arrow) and I hope this is not webbing(red arrows)but no rot that I can see.


You have an eagle eye!

Looks like a hair to me.


Why do you ask?
With bud rot, usually some sugar leaves die off or are brown, while others are fine.
I don’t see anything other than a few hairs. May want to look into Bud Wash

Speaking of hair. I am always pulling Spirit’s cat hair out of rolling joints

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Hear that, Spud, but I love my cats.But they are never allowed in the grow room.

Noted Beard. Learning to grow. Ty.

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I was wondering if you saw something that didn’t show up in the photo.

It is a very rewarding exercise. Good luck

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