Ppm/ec problems

i have rfead that i shouldnt go above 1.6 ec yet just half doses send it to 2.6?
what am i doing wrong. dot wnt to over feed but cant keep ec levels down

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Add water to your mix until you hit your target EC.


What does your plain water read? If really high you might want to think about filters, RO system or a different source to help lower the PPM


My water is about 70 to 90. Ppm or the bottom light on the blue lab and a consistent 7.4 PH

if it helps I have various strains but one that is defo sativs has had leaf trouble in earlier posts the rest don’t seen that bothered at all. I was told to keep increasing if no trouble. 4 week since flip. Pk at max on bottle. Instructions followed on pk13/14 and a couple of small ones are using up last of mills 0 7 6. Other pk options are 9/18 warrior fron shogun and a 0 50 30 from green planet. Seems strong so reluctant

All genetics are different and plants have different tolerances just follow the recommend feed scedule. And if it burns tips back off.