Power supply for growing in a closet

Hello, question for people growing in a closet. How do you get everything plugged in? Most closets don’t have an outlet so does anybody have a solution other than hiring an electrician to install an outlet? Thanks.

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I have a outlet just outside my closet, timer and a 10 foot extention cord, with a 3 way spltter, runs two lights and fan.


I also run a power cord into the closet.

@Dennis62 just a quick thought here, I like to run my fans 24/7, if your fan is hooked up to your timer your gonna have stagnant air. Have you had any issues growing this way?

Happy growing :v:

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Not really I’m in the desert and my humidity run low, my problems are light leaks ( can’t alter anything ) but all the grows happy.

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I am a electrician who grows in a closet there is a outlet right outside the closet I use a power strip with a 6’ heavy duty cord that goes under the door and with carpet the door closes fine I also use 3 fans and a light 2 4” for supply and exhaust and one 6” for circulation I also used Mylar blankets on the walls to optimize the light just be aware and with everything running make sure your cord doesn’t get damaged and check for heat on the cord you don’t want to start a fire and good luck


Ah yes, sparky. Are you also Australian?

No from :us:

If you have light leaks consider running autos. I bought a tent that fits in my closet 2x4 and also. Ran a sort extention cord for a plug just outside my closet which I hid behind a piece of furniture.

The biggest issue becomes lack of co2 and raised humidty as plants get bigger.
A exhale bag is good for these situations to add co2 yet it still be safe.

Do u open doors for lights on it will help regulate temps…