Power Mix seed type

Kind of late to be asking but what type of seeds are the power mix. Plants are in flower.

2 days late to the party, but look what I found on the seed side.

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What type of seeds are these? Already growing them and there are in flower.

If I understand your question, the Power Mix pack are feminized seeds. These are photo period.


Thank you for your reply. Cool glad to hear that because I was wondering what was going on with the seeds. Glad I put them on 12/12 lights then lol .

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How long ago did you plant them and how long since you flipped to 12/12?

To be honest tomorrow will be 8 weeks and 12/12 have been for the last two days.

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I was wondering how long in flower will it be now? This is the first week so about how many more? First grow critical mass and power plant.

Between 6 to 9 weeks.

Thank you for your response

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@Tank. Tag people to get our attention. @Zee

@merlin44 is very experienced, I’ve learned some things reading his replies.

You’re welcome!

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Thank you for your response and will be sending updates soon.