Potting size? Deeper or Shallow?

Whats better a deeper root or shallow broad root?

Well there’s a different question. Excellent too. Probably a lot of opinions, ima pull up a stool and wait and see. :+1:t2:


Cannabis is a shallow root plant, but it will fill out the space provided.


I went to 10 gallon short fabric pot on one grow and grew some monster white widow. So it seems they prefer wider pots. In 5 gallon buckets for example, they seem to grow straight up and not very wide.


Great question… this would be a good experiment :wink::grin:

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I think it will adapt to what you give it. For example, I put sister clones in aquariums to see how long it would take to see roots hit the bottom window and corners. All were planted the same day outdoor in summer. The aquariums were shimmed up on cinder blocks so I could easily see underneath the aquarium bottoms. All the aquariums were acrylic and had drain holes in them.

10 gallon saw roots in 5 days

20 gallon saw roots in 7 days

29 gallon saw roots in 9 days

55 gallon hex tank saw roots in 13 days

110 gallon tank custom cube saw roots in 17 days

Once I saw roots on the bottom window all sizes had roots filled in within the week on the bottom panel. I did this to see how fast they would grow after repotting for a up pot. But one could draw some conclusions for your question too. I install custom aquariums so I had some extra fish tanks laying around incase you were wondering. :blowfish:


Interesting to actually have some data.


It will affect drainage and watering frequency. Thats all I got

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