Potential problems -

You can also keep a male in a small planter like bonsai trees and when need pollen 12/12, get pollen trim a bit, cut roots then 24 or 18/6. This is what I used to do way back in the day.

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yes definitely kill it its a boy

Thank you all for the observations. I took this chance when I chose to grow a seed from a regular pot bag. This is the case where I learned how to properly take care of the plant, its problems, the preparation, the massive amount of research, and the budget. I am very glad I meet “electronically” with new people who love to grow Marijuana and are knowledgeable in these matters. I am definitely disappointed, but I do take it in the right way of being ready next time for a good strain. No more suprises, at least with feminized seeds. I am thinking to buy some high THC strains on ILGM.

Thanks for your support


Hey @Monique it’s been a while just read your thread, have you started any more yet?

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I have a mini-lab set up ready for the girls. I am not sure which one I will buy, but definitely I am between Golden-Leaf Fem and White Widow Fem…

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I’ve heard good from both, glad you didn’t let the imposter throw ya off your game,just dusted off and back at it!🖒:+1::fist::clap::clap::clap:

I have some WW fem going now. Almost ready to switch to flower. I have some Jack Herer with it. I like the way the Widow grows more but the Jack is a high sativa so it grows out or up fast and backfills. The Widow fills in all at once like POW! Much bushier. Haven’t grown the Gold Leaf yet but it’s on my list of strains I want to grow.

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Thank u all. I appreciate any comments on my post (s). I just bought CW seeds and I am very anxious to start. I am growing for myself, so I cannot plant all 5 seeds right away at the same time (space grow and other icky matters). If I do not grow them all at once, would be a problem later on -if I preserve the remaining ones correctly- in growing the rest? How long are they good?

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As long as you keep them cool and dry ,years​:sunglasses::wink::laughing:


Yeah I got a little carried away with my new hobby and went a little overboard on the variety and amount of seeds I have and was worried about how long they would last and found out some guys have had seeds for 10 years that have sprouted.


I didn’t know about strong light causing taco shell leaves. Thanks for that helpful info.


Somebody on hear sprouted some 30 year old acupoko gold I think


Hello Everybody:

Seed type: Chronic Widow

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? pH 5.8 run off and soil pH 5.7- 5.9

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS Not able yet to measure, but soon

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system, size? One lamp 400W MH for veg now in 2×1.5 m

Temps; Day, Night Day around 28C and nights 25C

Humidity; Day, Night: Day about 51% and night 60% or less

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size Medium size fan and odor extractor

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, AC and humidifier

Co2; Yes- home made

As I mentioned last time, I bought 5 seeds of Chronic Widow and they arrived on January. I am keeping a daily journal of facts like plant appearance, pH, relative humidity, and temperature. I am posting pictures of la Prima 2 evolution. They sprout around Jan. 22. The first transplant (01/30) was done after the seedling was showing roots outside container. The cotyledons were dead by 02/11, and started introducing nuts by next day. Run off pH is 5.9 and has been like that. I am afraid of overwatering, so I am watering with pH water 6.5 and a mixture of pHd nuts solution pH 6.5 (1/4 tsp of big bloom ff, 1/8 tsp of grow big, 3/4 tsp of MgSO4). Giving that every other watering. %RH oscillating between 48% and 62% and temperature between 24C and 27C. I introduced 400W MH lights on 02/08. I also introduced a home made CO2 generator on 02/12 and has been a fan since the first leaves sprouted. Last watering came out with a run-off pH of 5.9.
The soil used is Fox Farm Ocean and there has been a humidifier installed that turns on every 2-4 hours.
The last transplant to the final potting was on 02\19. Afterwards, I started to notice some spots on leaves that look like a random transparency. Some tips are burned, but now they are more burned tips and more transparencies. I cannot tell if they are spiders mites or a nuts problem. The last runoff pH was 5.9. I have not measure the ppms. Any advice or troubleshoot shot at this is greatly appreciated. I am awaiting to post my journal: hopefully everything will be allright. I am posting some pics: :sweat_smile:

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