Pot size? (Not the plant)

Ok, Pot size, Is there any benifits to going from 5 gal landscape pots to 7/10gal. Thinking 1 plant vs 2 in a 2x4x5 tent?? Can yield be equal on one plant in a 10gal vs 2 in 5gal??? If so, or not, why? Trying to understand. Thanks!

The biggest thing I would think, is the veg time needed for 1 plant vs 2 plants. It will take a while longer to fill a 2x4 canopy with only 1 plant, as compared to 2…

yield can be equal, but the time it takes probably not equal…


Hmmmmm that makes sense. Time may be a strong consideration, need to contiplate this. What’s up with Auto’s ,again why and what do they offer over photo’s???

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The problem with autos is you have no size control other than pot size. No control over when it flowers either.

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What are the benefits? ??

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Great for a beginner. They will flower on their own but If you want a bigger plant you can hold of the Flowering phase by keeping them under grow light for a full 24 hours. When you are ready to flower you put them on a 12&12 cycle. So I have seen great success with auto flower, nice high but poor yield.

Low maintenance? Less demand on light integrity?

@GregB you are mixing photoperiod traits with autos. You have little or no control over when they flower. They are on a clock.


Thanks, thought I’d missed something.

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