Pot size fertilizer amount

I have Unicorn Poop in a 25 gal. pot. I usually feed organic with Neptunes Harvest series using a Tbsp to gallon of water. Then I’ll typically run water till run off. Is this enough or is there a calculation for ferts to size of pot? Although she is doing fine, some leaves have yellowed. I have just attributed to hot weather and its about the 3rd week of flower. Just curious if its getting enough.
Thanks everyone

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Don’t stress on the yellowing leaves it is molting season as well as mold season so beware but the molting season is the plants way of saying hey I’m getting ready to enter my next stage

Yeah i figured that, i was more concerned about having a big pot and not getting enough nutes to the roots , as though im not giving enough. She looks great though other than a few yellow leaves. Wierd weather this year in New England. I went to a larger pot because last years root ball filled a 15g, albeit a different strain.

Thanks for the reply. Hard not to be a helicopter dad when the end is in sight.