Pot for pot purchase, 15 hour germination

1/4" deep and " my Maria" is emerging. We are almost growers. We did soak 24 hrs, no titanic issues,

We proud, now we wait. Tick tock. Time is marching on


How are the jiffy pods, I keep forgetting to buy them to try em out.


Good afternoon :smiley: You are off and going. Good luck on your grow and Happy Growing :blush::v:

Thank yall. The 15 hr is the p4p egg, looks like the jiffy, the 3 in the jiiffy peat have no shown yet, will keep posted.

Just did my first in the jiffy pellet and it went great. I’ll send pics when lights come back on. Soaked in water 48 hours. Put in jiffy pellet with a humidity dome and let it get a couple inches tall and put it into its forever five gallon felt pot in the tent

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I like the idea of soaking the pellet in innoculated liquid. Something like azos and mykos WP. Do you need to add any nutes to the liquid at all?

The pot for pot peat jiffy swelled to approximately 3 inches as to the jiffy green house, about inch an a half tall.
I thought i had read to trim or cut mesh some. As you can see, I did. Will not do that again.

Also, I want to experience one in the paper towel. Years ago in earth science, we grew pinto bean in towel. Next grow, will try.

The 3 jiffys, we weigh on digital, 25 26 grams feels moist yet not wet. Today, 24, 25, 24.
House shows some moister. Will weigh agsin tomorrow and continue to learn for the feel of weight.

P4p directions bottled water a ok ph7.

2 of the 3 jiffy house seeds have made an appearance :flushed:.

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My maria has not emerged. I reported she showed at 15 hrs, still the same. Any ideas or suggestions.2 days she hasnt come up

2 days later still the same.

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2 of the 3 jiffy house doing well.

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Oh well

I guess if i would of used a word like light search, at least id get my 100th tutorial on diodes.

Sorry, kinda butt hurt and…lost my maria.