Posting in the right forum

Let’s see if this is the first suggestion in the suggestion section that gets implemented lol just joking …

Ok now to be serious let’s make mandatory templates for members to use as their signatures upon signup
For existing members we can use peer pressure lol

It would be super helpful to use hardware configurations as good static info to contained in a signature like :
Lighting system
Indoor or outdoor
Tent dimensions
Carbon filter
Intake active/passive

@latewood @Hogmaster @Majiktoker

Because this is what you would see:
Lighting system: Yes
Indoor or outdoor: Either
Tent dimensions: I live in a house
Carbon filter: Above stove
Intake active/passive: its only active when it flairs up and Ive never passed it to anyone
Humidifier: for cigars
Fans: Im not a celebrity
Etc: ok


Sure does tell me a lot about you:slight_smile:

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Owned a printing and web design company for several years and we would have the customers fill out a questionnaire with the info, colors, photos, logos etc and you would not even believe some of the answers we got.

That kind of info isn’t relevant to all users, changes over time and being forced into it would annoy anarchists like me.

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It would be kind of interesting to see what lights are used for a outside grow!

I keep mine about 93,000,000 miles away and I hope to harvest 1.5 grams per watt … :slight_smile:

Let’s see. 400 trillion trillion watts times 1.5 grams per watt. I’m going to need more baggies.


Haha I like that.

Although it’s no different than a computer or guitar forum.

There’s not a lot of flex on guitars or computers they basically have the same features with minor differences. Growing is a lot more complicated. I could see if you used your idea and combined it with the support ticket that would possibly work. Maybe even if it was on the persons profile so it could be edited if they upgraded anything. But just in general a mandatory signature would have a lot of people confused. I browsed this site for a long time before I signed up just cause you never know whos on their lurking to bust people ya know. I use to live in San Diego and frequented this 1 dispensary, turned out it was owned by sheriffs.

Yes I was just thinking having random people with signatures also was confusing good point though

LOL :joy: I like your style and answer


OK. Go to Discourse support forums and join. Research whether or not
they have an app a plugin or modification that can be applied to there

Later, lw

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