Positive Ion machine effects

Anyone use a Positive Ion machine in your tent. I put it in yesterday and we will see @SilvaBack203 @Nicky @Missesgrowfairy @Trickdaddy

I’m hoping u get great results from it. But I personally don’t sir sorry

Are you talking about an ozone machine? If so be very careful.


explain please its ozone mach. what can it do?

Kill you and any other living thing. What are you looking to get out of it? It’s typically used for sterilizing odors and people will run them in their house while they or any pets are not there.


Those Fungus gnats OK back down to turn it off I did read about it GOOD for between grows cleaning the tent thanks for the info quickly.

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Just get some yellow sticky traps for the flyers and throw some mosquito bits on the soil for the larvae. Also letting the soil dry out before watering again will help kill off the larvae. Gnats are a nuisance, not a plant killer


sticky traps are working well

I have not, and currently doing closet grow on my end :smile:

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Well done!

I honestly had the same idea for odor control years ago until my brother told me it would probably ending killing the household…

Caged Canaries on exterior of the grow area will help you know if it’s an issue or not tho…:smile::wink: