Positive air pressure and growth patterns

Hey guys. So I ran into some weird stuff now that im re building my grow. It’s just curious thought it would be worth posting and asking. So does like alot of positive pressure stimulate trich production in veg? I was experimenting with the pressupressure and this happened…3 out of 6 strains are doing it more than others. Here’s some pictures🙂


Interesting… Just curious… Do you have any filtration on the intake?

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Actually no. I know it’s not a good practice but im biulding as I grow, as this build is going to be pricey. You thinking powdery mildew beginnings? I dont have my microscope it’s a few towns over.

Trichome development does happen in veg, but not everyone notices them.


I noticed in my 4x4 with ac infinity 6" with positive airflow I had to add a screen/filter over the intake… Was getting more dust and stuff… Luckily no mold.


Nice!! My concern was the positive pressure, enough to make all plants dance, was stressing them out causing the reaction, and would maybe lead to hermie stress in the end. Gosh danget of all the stains I’ve grown here in nm, I must have not noticed myself.


I to noticed dust kinda settling on leaves sometimes. I was able to do tons of research on negative air and its benefits, but very little on positive pressure, so I bit the bullet for the sake of science.