Portable AC or Window AC?

I hope Wisconsin’s winter is in the review mirror and I am thinking about its hot and humid summer.
This morning my tent was 75 and RH 50. Late summer last year my highest recorded temp was 82.
This is with the tent’s 6" MaxFan running and assisted by the rooms externally vented exhaust fan. Typically the tent temp is 3-5 degrees higher than the room temp.
My tent is in a 8’x14’ conditioned, finished space in the back of my garage. It has NO WINDOWS. It is connected to one of the houses HVAC units. To maintain temp in my “lab” I have to run the house AC more and at lower temp than I would otherwise. I am also thinking of adding another 3x3, either in this space or by expanding my lab. More on that at a later date.
Is there a strong preference between a portable or window type AC. Either way I am going to have to do some cutting. The portable will probably have to vented through the ceiling into the attic. I will have to cut through a wall in order to go the window AC route. I will probably have to remove wall cabinets to make the space for it. But the girls are worth it. If you have experience or knowledge you would like to share, please do so.

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I’ve used a portable and had to do this. The exhaust from a portable puts out a lot of heat. It’s not too hard to do. I’ve exhaust my tents to my attic too. I just did the ductwork last week. It was a fun little DIY.

Venting my tents to the attic actually reduced the temps in my tents by about 6 to 8 degrees (I have an enclosed room too.)

I put my window ac unit on 3 5 gallon buckets facing into the tent. No cutting needed.

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I have a portable in my grow area, and a window shaker in my dry room , my room is 8×8 , I just ran the 6 inch exhaust out of the room. Had to turn the shaker on yesterday dry room got up to 74 degrees

I wasn’t familiar with the term shaker and had to look it up. I assumed what it meant but…
Similar I guess to our use of bubbler for a water / drinking fountain. @MidwestGuy does your portable do the job you expected / wanted?

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My bad , I do hvac , and it’s just a term we use for window ac units

Yes, but you have to vent it out of the grow room. The exhaust really does put off a lot of heat. The net result without proper venting is a hotter room.

I would get a split air conditioner for your room . they are very efficient and require a small hole between the outside unit. you can get them any size. Like this one on Amazon.


I looked at that to. The exterior walls are 9" of poured concrete bermed into a hillside so access and location is more complicated. Thanks for you suggestion. I will continue with my research

I’m thinking of doing this myself