Poppy growers thread! Is there one?

I just got made a member lol blood in blood out lol. Anyways I see there are many other plant growing threads but didn’t find one on poppies. Anyone growing or going to grow poppies? Any pics of past grows?


You first!!

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Tried last summer, I’ll have another go at it. Theyre around. I also seen in somebody’s garden too, snapped a pic and did a photo search and sure enough it’s them.

I just bought some seeds.

Lol I wish all my pics have been lost on a device. I have Turkish red and afghan pinks planted right now so hopefully will start having pics of seedlings in a month or so depending on weather here. I also have some started inside(just planted last week) I put the seeds in freezer for 2 days then planted going to transplant some this year as well.
What’s growing in your garden or going to be may be planted just. Not growing yet.
Has anyone transplanted poppies before? Playing around I got 3 of 10 to transplant outside before.
Just a idea it’s been tried if it takes cool if not then oh well

Tried and failed. Yanked them from said garden got as much root as I could and tried to replant but didnt work.

We have orange poppies in one of our flower beds. They are transplants from my parents’ garden. I guess that was 30+ years ago.

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Tarzan planted two poppies of some sort. They are small bushes and a beautiful orange. I have tried to take the pods for reseeding without any luck.

Really did you let the pods dry out?

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I let them dry our and tried to plant them the following spring.

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Hhhmmm? I know some seed companies hybrid there seeds so that they only produce sterile seeds. It’s really big with corn breeders geneticly modify the corn so that you HAVE to buy all new seeds because the corn kernels are sterile. Greedy so and so’s

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