Poor plant development after sprouting

I have been growing for many years. (40)
I have purchased many orders from this site of White Widow over the past 4 years.
Have had both good and not so good results.
Sprout rates have varied from 100% to as low as 35% even I always used the same procedure and am meticulous.
The rate was lowest about a year ago, but has improved to about 80% to 90%.
The problem for the past year or two is how the plants develop after sprouting.
About 25% will get to 3-4 inches and stop growing.
Don’t grow many plants, always use new Miracle Grow Potting soil. Same growing conditions.
400watt HPS and LED lighting. Shoot for 24" plants.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Many people including myself have had issues with miricle grow. it has time release nutrients and seems to burn seedlings. I would switch to somethung purely organic with no time release nutes.


That was exactly what I was thinking some people use it with no issue but most stay away from miracle grow because it feeds every watering and is just to much many time . That said I had several blue dream seeds not sprout off my last order also

This dwarfing just started last year. Been using Miracle Grow for several years.
Will try different soil.

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Will try different soil.