Poor newbie finally grows! 😆

welcome to ILGM :smile:. I am a soil grower but there is a ton of help available for you here. Tell us what your $600 bought you. what is your setup?


You’ll get loads of support from the wonderful I​:heart:GM community. Great people here, guys, gals , dogs you name it. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. No judging, just friendly advise. :slight_smile: good luck. Should make a grow journal. We love to follow!


I do remember you… glad to see you back… sorry to hear that your still in alot of pain…
Now that you have a set up you should post a support ticket , just so we know what your working with and what your current plan of action is… :wink:
With everyone here we should be able to get you up and running towards pain relief… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Welcome my friend. I also am a soil grower due to it’s forgiving nature. You’ve come to the right place. Everyone grows their own meduim so you can get plenty help. Folks here are great & if they don’t know answer theyll tag someone who does.
Happy growing

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Thanks for your responses everyone, very much appreciated!

I’ll start a grow journal for this in a minute :laughing:

Here’s my setup (I hope this makes sense):

  • Hydroponic DWC (I believe it’s called, such a noob! :sweat_smile:)
  • 16L flower bucket, growing medium is clay pebbles.
  • Homebox Ambient Q60 Tent:
    Assembled size: 60 × 60 × 120 cm or inches 24" x 24" x 47" // Grow space: 0.36 m2
  • Phresh Intake Filter (150 MM x 200 MM) “pre filter for cool tube”
  • Nutrients - CYCO Platinum Series
  • Light - MarsHydro LED

I also have photos but maybe I’ll post them in my grow journal so that I don’t clog this post up! Currently my seed is sitting inside rockwool cube in the propegation kit which is sitting in my tent under the LED light. No sign of life yet but I only just put the seedling in there about 24 hours ago.


Hey… good for You. I have to say DWC is absolutely awesome, just remember to change that buckets water every week ideally and be sure you’ve got enough oxygen in the bucket. (Bubbles)
GL HF, if you ever get stuck, YouTube usually sorts the problem,


Thanks, I was actually just investigating that right now as to how often to change water in the bucket! I already own dechlorinator (for my fish) so I’ll use that too as I’ve read that chlorine isn’t ideal in the water. The shop also gave me something to hook up that creates oxygen / bubbles or something like that, I haven’t looked into it much just yet.

I was reading that people correct and check PH levels etc but I spoke to my local hydro store today and he said that’s good to do but seeing as I’m so broke and desperate that it’ll still work without that, hopefully that’s true!!

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Hey everyone, I’ve started a grow journal :smile:

Crossing my fingers I go ok on this first grow as I stupidly only bought one Med Gom 1.0 Auto seed! I do have 3 or so Blueberry Auto’s but I’m hoping for the Med Gom first as it’s more of a medical strain.


Oh dopehat… how i envy you <3 I had a 10 bucket system that I went round opening each bucket once or twice per day for 3 months… legit. Not. Fun.
If you don’t have a pump to make oxygen/bubbles you get root rot which basically destroys your plant although you can recover from it. (I did thank jebus)
Ph up down should be about 10 bucks on eBay for 250ml bottles, you could get 100ml ones as it’s only one bucket to… but all I’ll say is from my 4 or 5 months of research and chatting on her3, PH is the number one problem. I accidentally fed my now soil plants ph of 6 and they dropped like mad… hydro is 5.8 ideally and tap water should be close to 7, so if highly highly ridiculously advise getting a ph pen ect ppm or parts per million isn’t exactly essential but PH is so incredibly essential.

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Wow 10 buckets! :open_mouth: I keep checking my setup of one and it’s only been 24 hours since the seed has been put in the rockwool! :sweat_smile:

I’ve got a pump which the hydro owner said I needed. So tomorrow I’m going to buy a cheap $30 PH kit and I’ve found a cheap $20 TDS on Australian EBay:

What do you think?

(Admin am I allowed to post external links?)

They don’t like ebay apparently… I’ve had 2 ph pens now, one I dropped in the bucket like a pro so I bought a water proof one, I just somehow presumed it was water proof… smart guy lol
I’d always advise ebay personally, saves an absolute fortune compared to hydro stores and I feel it’s safer

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Did you germinate your seed btw?

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The seed is currently being germinated, no sign of life yet. It’s been 2 days. The seed is over 8 months old so I’ve heard it can take longer to germinate? Hopefully it’s warm enough in the lil propegation dome under my LED! I don’t have a heat mat so hoping it’s ok!

Wait wait is it in water?? Till she sinks?

The usual method is paper towel, drop it in water until she sinks, sometimes take 6 hours sometimes 20, then put it in a wet paper towel and the tap root comes out super quick (over night)

I put her straight into rockwool cube as directed by the guy at the hydro store.

I put the rockwool cube in water + nutrient solution for 2 hours then put seed inside that which is now all sitting inside propegation dome. I never put the seed in water, the Hydro guy said I won’t have to with this method :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Hydro has a super high germination % but honestly in future I’d advise you tubing the paper towel method (mainly cause it’s so cool to see the tap roots popping out, cool experience) GO anyway, keep us updated (tag me when she likes her head out if you don’t mind) :smiley:

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I’ll definitely tag you! Anxiously awaiting her arrival and keeping fingers crossed!! :sweat_smile:


I definitely remember you, and I’d love to tag along in the thread too lol! Glad to see you’re back!


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Please do tag along! I’ve just added photos of my newly sprouted seedling to my grow journal :blush::blush:

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