Pomegranates good to use for a bloom ferment?

Hey guys and gals.
So I found out about LABS and Ferments I can make at home on my own.
Specifically I found the Robertos Brew formula and directions for flower power recipe. It says you can use fruits and vegetables in a ferment.
I am wondering if I can use pomegranates in the ferment to make the flower power recipe.

Does anyone have experience using and making ferments? Can someone tell me if pomegranate and banana would be ok for bloom ferment?

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Let me see if I can get you some of the best @Aquaponic_Dumme @AquaponicSteve @APmeds not sure if @Donaldj @Majiktoker @latewood we have a pod cast listed look up growing with fishes episode 1 and the rest will blow your mind these guys really know great ferments I’m pretty sure your pomegranate should be fine but let’s get some more people to comment good luck my friend :wink:


Ya, I know the show. Marty is the one who told me to look up flower power ferment.

I have a thread on here about my first aquaponics cannabis attempt. Steve, Marty and Aquaponic Dumme are the ones who inspired my aquaponics attempt.
For my first try at aquaponics. I didn’t kill it and am gonna be harvesting soon. Hoping for 4oz!


It’s not my expertise so will defer to any others who swing by but probly something I should do some homework on :wink: even if not an organic grower always good to learn new things


Ya I’m just a tight azz and think this will save money by not having to buy nutrients lol!

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Your grow should far succeed the cost for nutrients… :wink:
Not sure I understand… :wink: unless your in the middle of nowhere and don’t have any access to the Internet or store… what’s the point…? :wink:
I buy nutrients by the gallon or 3… lasts for ever… and I know for a fact what I’m feeding them… unless your in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Africa… :wink:
What’s the point… nutrients are pennies on the dollar… :wink:
Sometimes you step over a dollar to save a penny in this hobby… :wink: always think about your goals and what your trying to accomplish… :wink:
Alot of times your loosing money before your making it… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


Got to agree with @peachfuzz the proper nutrients are the difference in a2 or 3 oz plant or a 6 to 8 or up oz plant my first grow my tent , nutrients , lighting , fans , ph. Meter . Everything together still cost a bunch less then the amount I harvested would have . 1 oz can but you 2 years of quality nutrients. Plus if not done right using food as nutrients wont help your plant . Beneficial bacteria are what actually feed the nutrients to the roots and food stuffs take so long to break down to the point it is a nutrient that can be used the plant will be harvested and it can draw bugs . Good luck but buy nutrients

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Thanks for chiming in. But I respectfully disagree with you both.
What im talking about is a tried and true way of making LABS and Ferments. It’s been done for years. I am new to it but the technique isnt. And I was told about this by guys who are currently doing it.
Look up Korean natural farming and Robertos brew.

I do obviously have access to Internet and store. But why pay for nutes when I can make them at home?! And can control what goes into my nutes in turn control what goes into my body.
All it takes is some time and patience, you should try it before you knock it. It’s not all about saving money it’s also about being more self reliant and learning something new.
That in my book isn’t a waste or something that isn’t worth trying.


Did some reading lastnight I don’t see why banana and poms wouldn’t work you get in essence the nutrients the ingredients have most of and process seems simple enough though not on my to do list :wink: I don’t have space to put random mixtures of rotting fermenting veggies and fruit when I could simply make compost tea easier :slight_smile: I do see the benefit but also risks since if not properly fermented you are adding lots of sugars and organics to your medium. To me it would seem like pest bait if not done right and not overly viable in my aero unit but it is pretty interesting way to grow and may use it in my veggie garden next season?


My info came from a guy on the internet originally and I had heard it echoed on here . That’s great to know and I am sure many on here will be interested in trying it . For my personal preference I will stick with a store bought for the convenience. At the price it is to have them delivered I can get 4 grows out of the 3 quart fox farm trio then dry trio about 75 bucks it is not worth it to me over the long run to make my own but I do admire the guys who put all that extra effort in .

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I can certainly understand both points of view @Indica_Dogo and @Oldstoner. On the one hand is to be as frugal about it as possible and still have a superior end result and on the other is to control the whole process and REALLY know where your nutrients came from.

Fortunately it is next to impossible to poison yourself with improperly fermented fruit. I’m not familiar with the process but I’ve fermented literally tons of fruit before distilling it into what fruit was meant for lol.


What they are doing with Ferments and aqua Ponics it’s absolutely mind blowing for 100% cheaper than having to buy nutrients once you get into doing the fermenting in the worms sauce and the different things that you can do get on the show Thursday 930 Eastern and ask on the live chat I’m sure Steve @AquaponicSteve and Marty @APmeds and possibly @Aquaponic_Dumme could help you out with any questions you had I know they’ve been pretty busy Sorry I just haven’t gotten and aqua Panik’s yet I’m just now starting to try out the Hydro and Ebbn flow Or I’m sure someone will pop in

My somewhat limited exposure to aquaponics is that the fish are a VERY expensive way to do aquaculture. You could just buy the basic nutrients and forget the fish. You get a very small amount of fish out of it you can eat. You could raise a ton more fish in your fish farm, but then that would not support plants. So great concept but pretty much a mismatch in the real world.

The only guys making money at it were selling gourmet organic lettuces to the restaurant trade at way over normal organic lettuce prices.

LoL I think you haven’t seen any of @Aquaponic_Dumme threads he kills it in aquaponics not saying it is overly cheap to get started in but the end results are top notch. I don’t grow organic but I do grow hydroponic so I like sterile nutrients not say that I wouldn’t give it a try just for fun :wink:

I have seen many of Aquaponic Dumme YouTube videos. In fact I’m subscribed. As well as watching and being subscribed to Marty and Steves chanels as well as chatting and watching growing with fishes podcast every week.

I also believe that aquaponics IS a viable and profitable business and has been. Again follow Potent Ponics and watch Growing with Fishes podcast and you can see and ask just how viable it is astill a business.

There ok to use as far as i am aware.

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Thanks you Steve! I have my rice wash goin already.