Plz Help! Is this a boy?

I’m so worried that this:

Will turn into this:

Are they both boys? Is the 2nd definitely a boy? I could definitely use more seed, but if I can save one to smoke…I’d hate to off either, but I suppose I would off a boy. I only have two plants in a 2x4, about 2-3 weeks into 12:12. Best opinions, one or two boys and what should I do with them?

Thanks in advance!


1st one is a female, 2nd one is all nanners (male) separate quickly, were those feminized or regular photo periods? :love_you_gesture:

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1 out of 2. Bag him up and put him in the burn pile


OG and BG gotcha. #1F and #2M


Thanks, y’all. I put him on my washing machine, so I can bury HIM. I mean, it’s my 1st grow. I should expect it. Still sad cause it’s half my grow. Now my runt is the only one in there. I hope she makes me enough to pack a bowl, bless her heart.



The runts will fool ya plus the stretch is on and she’ll double or more in size :love_you_gesture:


Yes 1st female 2 male

So sorry, yes it a boy!! :weary:

I also see some white spots on the leaves of both plants I would check for bugs on the underside of leaves with a scope it’s better to catch it early
Sorry for your loss!

The angst is amazing, isn’t it. From loving the girls to investing so much into them. And, of course the pantry full. Losing half seems tough, I know. I made the mistake of thinking I would only get one or two plants out of 4, so I planted 12. All have survived. I’m up to my ears in challenges.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Love on your little girl. She’ll take care of you.

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First one you could maker your mother while burning the 2nd plant.slide a plastic bag over him and away you go.veg the first one for about 8weeks,then take a few cuttings from her.let them veg for 3wks,then flower everything.