Please I need help before my only left grow die

I have two girls one is in decaf afgoo Kush and second one is a blueberry kush, they are on the their 3rd week. But sense the first week the leaf is going down, then start to get this curly shape.
The roots has grown so fast comparing to the plant it self.
IAM using the below:

  • Strain: Afgo kuch, black
  • Method: Hydroponics, groblock
  • PH of Water: 5.9-6.2
  • PPM: 400
  • Indoor
  • Light system: HPS
  • Temps; Day, 79 f - 25’
  • Humidity; Day, Night 73 -22’
  • Ventilation system; Yes
  • AC, Humidifier: yes
  • Co2; Yes, No
    Nutrition: the 3 Flora mix. 1/2 ts per gallon for each.

I now they have Calcium problem. But not sure what else.
And because of Corona, I can’t get any product to fix it, so I appreciate any solution with simple way.

Thank you all


@MattyBear @ilgm can you help.

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I’m not a hydro grower, but I will tag @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower and see what they think


@peachfuzz @BigDaddyCain


Excessive nitrogen, roots aren’t getting enough air, and the ppms are a little high. Drop it down to 200, turn up the air, and lower your water level so they’re just barely touching the bottom of your rock wool.(bottom of net pot) For future reference, most people use the clay media in hydro, it doesn’t hold onto water like rock wool does. Rock wool is designed for seedlings, so a small cube is better than a large one.


I don’t believe that plant is going to survive being in a big block of wet foam. Plant is drowning. Water level should be 1 1/2-2" below net pot.


Ok I don’t need to answer they got you covered I don’t use rock wool it holds to much water I use to use rapid root plugs but now I put seeds In water do wet napkin then I put the napkin with the tag root and seed right into my medium and let them grow. Only thing I would add is air pump you are useing turn it to full blast and don’t ever turn it off if a plant is in the pot air pump needs to run 24-7


Actually I don’t know why but I never used soil, and I try rockwool before and works very well with a great results but it was in California.
The problem is I don’t think I can change it now since the roots already reach the bottom.
I have my air pump working 24/7. & Watering every 2 day.
Will fix the level of water and ppm and check.

My friend pass this to me today, any advice? Do you think it can help retrieve the plants?

The rock wool can be taken apart carefully to remove the plant from its prison. We gave you solid advice what to do.


No, superthrive is not going to fix that.


Perfect, will add clay media to it, and ltry to take some of the rook wool & will let you know how it goes.
Really appreciate your help :pray:

i dont know how you are stocked for seeds but I would germinate a couple in preparation of potential losses when operating… :grimacing: :grin: good luck, i agree with everyone above… :smirk: :grinning:

Nooooo please :sob: don’t say that, I can’t loose this. It’s the last seeds I had & it’s very hard to get seeds in this country.
I’m trying everything to retrieve it :persevere::woozy_face:

After you make the suggested changes, be patient. Those poor things have been severely stressed. They may take a while to recover.
Best of luck to you.

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@Covertgrower Bro, I did exactly as your Advice, don’t see any good results, here is some pics for it😭

What do you think I should do more,

I also have another Q, about the other plant, some leafs have a very weird curling and color. Any advice. The only change I made is make the light instead of 18 hours to 24, so light is always on.

All existing leaves won’t change. New growth will be normal. The leaf on the bottom got wet.