Please help with purple veins

Leaves went funky on me and droopy.

Anyone know what causes the purple veins in the leaves ? Also they got droopy and lite in color.

Oh and it has been getting cold at nite.

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I have purple stems, and I’ve stopped worrying about them. Nice frost!


The veins in leaves is what I am wondering on. Stems r from cold rite now.

Likely the drop in temp causing your fall colors to come out


Thanks @BobbyDigital and @Covertgrower

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Soil or hydro?

Hydro lol

I don’t like red stems. It’s a sign of a plant that’s not 100%. With soil it’s easy to remedy. But hydro is a little more complicated. It has to do with the nutrients. But since your grow looks almost done, I wouldn’t worry about it. When it happens early in the grow the leafs will eventually start falling off.

With hydro I recommend rereading the instructions on the nutrient bottles. And make sure you hydro set up is working properly. Make sure it’s flowing well and not sluggish. Roots in hydro need good circulation. Like a fish tank, the water needs good aeration.

@RBucey so how is it easily remedied in soil to fix red stems ?
And how would it be different if it was in hydro ?

The purple is most likely just genetics. You say its been getting cold at night, this could bring on some different colours as well. Overall your plant looks healthy, I wouldn’t worrie to much.

Here is my outdoor, if you zoom in you can see some purple starting on the leaves, and all the pistal hairs turning colour. This all started when the cold weather arrived.

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Phosphorus deficiency I do believe.

Yeah its definitely from the cold but I’m wondering still the reply from @RBucey as I am interested in the simplicity of a soil remedy.

Well. I did some research. I have an extensive library of grow bibles. Some are 20 years old.

Red veins are usually a sign of a nutrient deficiency. Usually nitrogen but there are several nutrient deficiencies that will cause veins to turn red. (Colder temps usually cause purplish tints in the buds and leaves)

But don’t worry about it toward the end of the grow. The leafs on the plant, especially the big fan leafs, act as fat reserves on people do. They store nutrients. Especially nitrogen. When plants get older they start to deplete these reserves and the leafs die back.

For this reason I never cut off leafs until their almost yellow. But I turn my plants everyday so I don’t need to worry about air circulation or light deficiencies.

But I agree, cold temp might cause it to because of the added stress.