Please help with leaf problem/ plant problems

Some nutes come ‘pH perfect’ they regulate theirselves. But it would say so

This is them today. That’s how amany either damaging leaves there’s was and smaller branches that needed to go. You can see how much my plant isn’t doing so well compared to the others as well.

Oh and how can I tell if they are getting better. Sorry this is my first grow and outdoors none the less. It’s been quite hot lately as well.

They’ll stay healthy green and keep growing. You’ll know is the easiest way to put it

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Should never take off too much green. They use all green for photosynthesis to eat basically. If its not needed usually it shrivels and falls itself. Pruning is more for airflow and aesthetics in my opinion.

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Thank you. I didn’t know I was told to just cut it. Thank you I will leave em be.

I mean they were damaged leaves so eventually they would have shriveled and im pretty sure less energy commited to dead spots equals more to healthy. But yea double sided sword. Less green to make energy as well. Id leave em and let her grow. You’ll know when its time to give her a haircut :wink:

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Neighbor let me use his tester.

@hannah3 I’m pretty sure those are not accurate. A digital test meter would provide much more accurate results.

I use ph perfect by Advance Nutrients, When I check my water after adding it it always reads 7.0. So I use ph down and get it to around 6.6 - 6.8.