Please Help! What Happened?

I have two plants that were doing great. Both were born on the same day with everything the exact same, tent, water, soil, etc. Both are 10 weeks old yesterday. One is a Deelite and the other is Bruce Banner, both autos. I give them 12 oz of distilled every 2 days. Everything was going great. I noticed that the Deelite was lighter than the BB every time I water, so on Monday I gave it 16 oz of water for the first time. I did this because the buds were getting huge and I thought I was doing the right thing. Yesterday, the plant looked like shit. Today it looks almost dead. What happened and do I need to pull it or is there still hope? TIA. Pics included. I’m baffled that 4 extra ounces of water killed my plant in 2 days, while the other is doing great.


Normal lighting pictures would help.


Based on this statement, it appears you may have drowned them very slowly. Cannabis does not like frequent watering which is the definition of overwatering, not amount at one time. A pop can of water every other day does not let the roots/rootzone dry out enough.


Scratching my head? Baby plants might wilt over from an extra 8 oz of water but not usually a big one. Root rot would set in slowly before the top foliage was affected.

You were feeling them to make sure they dry back some between rounds of water right?

Soil? Is the soil you used a box store type.? Specifically one with a time release fertilizer? The extra water (since you have been so regimented) maybe solubilized some extra fertilizer and the ppm shot up.?

If that happens outdoor I would say that plant is starting to get botrytis, or a stem borer got in there and is liking the new place. Indoor not likely.

Good news is, It looks like the flowers are less effected. I would defoliate any of the drooping sun leaves. And go back to your old routine. Honestly, I am feeling the extra water is probably the last reason.

Is it a new batch of distilled water?? New jug. If so test the ph and PPM of that jug to make sure a bad batch didn’t get sold to you with some contaminates…? That’s seems more likely than an extra 8 oz of distilled water whacking your plants. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

Just saw the sticky traps. What bugs are you dealing with? Is that just fungus knats?

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, the bugs are the very tiny ones, but there are not many of them luckily. The water came from the same jug i’m using on all the others, and the others are not having any problems. I’m gonna do what you said, trim the droopy leaves and go back to my original plan. Although, i’m gonna go one more day between watering, just to be on the safe side. Thank you again.


Have you identified the bugs yet? That could be the crucial piece of information. Is their timing new, same as the droop?


I didn’t think I was over-watering as the pot is light when I do. But i’m gonna go one more day in-between. Thank you for the reply.

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No, i’ve had them forever. Only with the autos, they are not nearly as bad as the regular feminized plants. The Bruce Banner next to it has not been affected by any of this. Very confusing. But thanks for your input.


Looks like another od guys, What’s your feed and schedule? Id the bugs yet? Take a pic of them.


Looks like salt build up.

How does salt build up? I use only distilled water.

Are you feeding synthetic nutrients?

Is that normal looking for that strain? It just looks so tall without much going on? Not trying to insult I’m just a newer grower myself and eager to learn.

Buds look good😀

As @Covertgrower said a picture in natural light would help a lot

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Salt isn’t in the water, although with really hard water it can be, it is in the nutes. Or the fertilizers over time break down and salt builds in the soil.

Here is a thread on here about salt buil and ppms

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Salts Build Up and PPM

As previously stated, synthetic nutrients use salt as a mineral carrier and as the minerals get used the salts are left behind.
This is why we water to runoff to remove excess salt.
I would do a really good watering with distilled water get a good amount of runoff followed by a PH’ed feeding

Thank you, however, all iv’e ever used is M/G organic soil and distilled water their entire life. Period. It looks like I may have to pull it soon, not sure. One small leave on the bottom looks healthy, so i’m trying to revive it. If not, i’ll have to pull it. Damn shame too because this was by far the nicest plant i have ever grown. Until now…

No, none.

No nutes at all. M/G organic soil and distilled water only. The plant was magnificent one day, the next almost dead. Today I pulled it because it wasn’t doing anything anymore. Damn shame too.

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My best guess with limited information is ph swings or crash. MG has been known for that.