Please plant is off

Made this post in grow support but would like some more help. Leaves are curly and crispy with rusty spots. Almost seems like it is older than the others but…

Same soil OFHF
Same NUTES DR. Earth/molasses
Same tent
Same regimen Distilled water when soil is dry
Day 50
Blueberry Auto
All help appreciated

Notice the one in front. It is even worse today.

Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?

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This flow chart may help to diagnose leaf issues

I do not but…wouldn’t it be the same as the others. There isn’t really enough runoff when I water to test. Only my second grow so I really don’t know how to test

I know my water goes in at 6.5.

No. If she is eating less or more, the numbers will be different. Every plant eats differently, makes better or worse use of the existing stuff in the soil, etc.

This is likely an issue. I won’t say it definitely is, but watering til runoff is one of the most important steps to helping prevent salt buildup in the pot. If you’re only watering enough to get the pot wet throughout, it’s not enough to allow the expended nutrients/salt buildup to wash out of the pot. The more salts that build up, the harder it is for her to uptake the beneficial nutrients.