PLEASE Help me solve this deficiency/disease


Please help me solve and cure this deficiency/disease.

Growing 3 Big Buddha cheese plants in nettpots with leca in a RDWC (50L) under a 600watt HPS. Currently in week 4 flower.

I attached some pics of the plants as a whole as well to give an indication of general health.

It started very sparsely in late veg and continued through all my efforts. It looks like its starting to get worse and this is obviously a crucial stage in my grow.

Keeping the description short, please ask away if it will help the diagnosis.

Thank you in advance!

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It looked like something was eating it, but no visible insects or anything like that. Grow area stays nice and clean.

Looks like two leaves got into a fight, and one lost. I’d say wind/vent burn got it. It would have said insects, but if you’re sure, than that’s my guess.


Yeah, you’re going to have a lot of leaf rub with that dense of foliage. It’s referred to as mechanical damage. It can happen with leaves smacking into one another, general plant maintenance, scrog screens, plant ties, etc.

Bugs that can cause that damage are going to be your larger bugs like caterpillars, snails, hoppers so should be easy to locate if that were the case.


Yep looks like they were crossing swords :man_facepalming:t3::joy::joy::joy:


Thanks guys! I find this very interesting, much appreciated!:raised_hands:t2:

I hope the THC is as aggressive as my leaves😂