Please Help me dont know this it please .s

vegation state day 9, ı m using only wett betty I m not use more than nutrations and I did chack every time to PH and, did be wattered every 3 days 300 ml this plants dead .s ?

What are temps and humidity, depending on humidity in grow room you’ll need to water less or more, any way you can upload a picture with regular light it will help us help you better

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Need better pic

THANKS ALL DUDE SO THİS GİRLS ARE MY FİRST PUPYS,My morale is very bad. I was looking at them like babies, RH is 50 _ 70, air aut is on temrature is 26 C / 22 C LED LAMP İS HANGİG DİSTANCE İS 55 CM my new picture is on please help me dude

I’m in trouble too much

Not quiet yet, get some thing with a 2-1-6 ratio also get some cal mag it will help you probably get the little gals back on track.

Have they stunted growth yet and have they been fed before

Majiktoker dude my englis is some is not good please help me, this nutrations is wich one I need or use a two nutration, I do not want to harm plants,Look very carefully so I miss is my friend, please help

Depending on how old they are mix both of them together, you should probably only use 1/4-1/2 tsp per gallon

Thank you so much for intrest I’m going to just practice

We learn by trial and error, that’s how every one learns my friend :smile: best of luck, if you need the help we are here for you

Dont over water.
Wait for the pot to dry completely out before re-watering or feeding not just on top
This aids in getting air or oxygen to the roots and controls root rot.
Its harder to kill them by under watering then over watering.